Peach Cobbler Is My Best Friend


I’m a simple girl – I get a hankering for something, I make it. I get a little peckish, I eat it. Simple! Cooking is my favorite hobby, pastime, work, you name it, I live it. Well, don’t forget baking too, for I do have a sweet tooth, like my grandmother. It was her who actually made me realize that I wanted to get serious about this in my life.

I haven’t told you this, but I was headed to become a lawyer. It was my dad’s idea, more like a wish, because he was a lawyer and he loved his job. I thought I wanted the same for a while, and I was good at it, but in the middle of my college years, I realized that cooking myself a wonderful meal at the end of the day, or baking banana bread on the weekend had brought me the kind of happiness that my father felt about his job every day.

My grandma was the first to support me when I made that decision. Actually, when I was 12, I was helping her around the kitchen one day. It was the 4th of July, and we had a table full of delicious food, more was being made and the whole house smelled heavenly. It’s my favorite scent forever. We were making peach cobbler and I was chopping the peaches and mixing them with the sugar and the lemon zest (ah, the smell!), and I remember my grandma looked at me and said “look at you, you’re such a natural.” Those words rang true and I felt special.

I remembered this moment that day and I made the peach cobbler. A lot of things had changed since then, mostly the kitchen, and most of the appliances. I thought about this while I was creaming the butter with a new hand mixer from Appliances Reviewed instead of the old one my grandma used to use. That one broke a long time ago, even she uses a new mixer now. We’re often talking about new models of appliances – it’s, like, our favorite topic.

Peach cobbler is my comfort food. And I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t like peach cobbler. I’m judging you beforehand, just so you know. Peach cobbler has helped me find my passion, and aside from that, it’s just a great dessert. It’s sweet, moist, comforting and fragrant. What’s not to like?


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